Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Hi all, and welcome to my CPD23 blog. I'm doing CPD23 because, well, I love CPD, and I take every opportunity that comes my way, particularly when it's free and can be done from the (relative) comfort of my (Ikea) sofa. There are some excellent people involved in this who are going to be offering advice and direction in the weeks to come, so I think it's a great opportunity to learn from the experts. I also hope to get to know some new people too.

I'm an academic librarian and am heavily involved in supporting LIS new professionals. I'm still buzzing from yesterday's New Professionals Conference, at which I was a speaker. I usually blog at Rachel's Big Adventure but have decided to set up a separate blog for CPD23, to keep things more organised.

Now I'm off to read some of the other participants' blogs. Looking forward to the rest of the programme!


  1. Hello! I shall add you to my CPD23 Stalkery List so I can see how proper CPD people do it :)

  2. Hi! It may be a day late but let it not be said that I say things (ie. will start blog, will use twitter...)but don't do them. And yes, could I 'follow' you to learn from your indisputable experience?!

  3. Thanks for your comments both! (shows how behind I am that I've only just spotted them...)